Espacio dedicado a las preguntas que he respondido a lo largo de mi carrera en el humor, y que han sido publicadas en libros, en la prensa escrita, radial, televisiva o digital.

Como entrevistado




Publicada por el diario The Somerset News de Boston. E.U. Agosto, 2010

How did you get started doing humor?


Since I was a child I was fan of the comics and humoristics books. In my adolescence I use to be like a clown in parties and with my friends. After that, when I was a young men I wrote some stories and won an award in my home city, Matanzas, Cuba. After that I worked the humor in the scenics arts and audiovisual art.


Tell me a little about yourself.


I'm a very happy person. Also I spend a lot of time in my art creation. I don't laugh as I should do it because a “professional lack”. I live analysing humoristics situations, jockes, everything. I'm in love in spite of being living so long with the same woman. I live proud of my kids and satisfied with my grand kids. I feel so accomplished in my work. The humor is my passion, my hobby and my job.


Why did you choose to participate in Bostoons?


Because I think it is a great deal and challenge of Mario Barros. He's a good humorist and cuban cultural representative that lives in Boston. Boston, as a city, should use the talent, the wishes of being creative and the capacity of Mario. Bostoons 2010 is something new in the humor in USA and I need to support that cause because I'm a “humor activist”.


What are some of your favorite topics to talk about in your routine?


Differents things I see as a human being problems. For example, the “bad taste”I´m very interested in the “White humor” and the “infantil humor”.


What are you looking forward to most about the festival?


I want the festival to be a great success. Until now the response of the contestants both in line art and in written art it has been spectacular. I hope Mario Barrios can add  more and more people to this proyect so it can be done every year and get to become a tradition, an important artistic and cultural tradiction. And on behalve of my, I hope that my personal support to Mario (I'm part of the Organization Committee) be worth to Mario and of course to the contest. I also hope that as a contestant jury I can make prevail the artistic quality of the works and as a comedian I hope to make think and laugh to the Bostonian people, and by that way, bring to them a few moments of joy. That's enough for me.


What were some of your favorite humorous texts?


The favorite  books and scrpts of my own creation are the one I'm doing at the moment. After that, when they become published or they are being acting, they stop to be the favorites. My favorite autor are: the US writters Mark Twain and Woody Allen, the brithishs writter Chesterton, Monty Phayton and Chaplin, the argentinians Fontanarrosa, Quino and Les Luthiers, the french Jacques Tati, the spanish Jardiel Poncela and the cuban Tres Patines and La Seña del Humor.


Is there anything else you would like to say about BOSTOONS, about yourself, or about humor in general?


I would like to call all the authorities in Boston to support this great Festival to be better every each year from now. Also to call all the graphic humorists and humorist writers to participate more and more in the festival so we can make it become a world festival. 

I want to call all the planet inhabitant to seek and feel the Humor as the main antidote to fight the strees, the sadness, the rage, the anger, the misery and all the negative emotions we do have inside us.

Finally, I make a call to all the reader people in the world to read my book and to see my shows. May be they won't have joy, but they are going to make me happy.